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Bremen Fire Department to use Luxfer Voyage cylinders in exclusive contract with DEHAS

BREMEN, Germany (May 21, 2007) — As part of an exclusive contract with DEHAS, the Bremen Fire Department & Rescue Services will use Luxfer’s lightweight Voyage 2-litre cylinders made from Luxfer’s patented, higher-strength L7X aluminium alloy.

Based in Lubeck, DEHAS specializes in providing a wide range of medical oxygen and patient monitoring equipment across the German emergency medical services (EMS) and hospital markets.

DEHAS Managing Director Kristina Mittendorf said: "We are delighted to have secured this contract, and we welcome the opportunity of working alongside the Bremen Fire Department & Rescue Services. The cylinders we will be supplying and servicing are part of Luxfer Gas Cylinders’ new Voyage 2-litre aluminium range. These revolutionary cylinders have been designed to help reduce the risk of job-related injuries during patient and equipment handling, especially in high-rise or confined spaces."

Up to 40 percent lighter in weight than conventional steel cylinders, Voyage cylinders combine a charging pressure of up to 200 bar with exceptional strength, durability and portability.

For more information please contact Jens Mittendorf at DEHAS: or + 49 451 290 3234.

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