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Paint strippers for aluminum cylinders


To remove paint from aluminum cylinders, NEVER use caustic paint strippers or acid paint strippers, burning techniques, or solvents that harm the environment or pose personal health or safety concerns. Any chemical used to remove paint from, or to paint a cylinder, should specifically say on the label that it is safe and recommended for use on aluminum surfaces.

If the entire cylinder is to be painted, please read the technical bulletin on Heat Exposure or contact Luxfer Gas Cylinders’ Customer Service department for recommendations.

Luxfer recommends you use gel strippers to remove paint from cylinders. Gel strippers are brushed on the cylinder, allowed to stand, and then removed by a water rinse, typically under high pressure. “Zip Strip”, produced by Star Bronze Company, is a satisfactory gel stripper. For more information, contact:

Star Bronze Company, 803 South Mahoning, Alliance, OH 44601. Phone: (216) 823-1550

In all cases, follow instructions and precautions when using strippers.

For more information, call Luxfer’s Customer Service department at (951) 684-5110 or, if a scuba cylinder owner, see Luxfer’s Guide to Scuba Cylinder Inspection.

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