Boy Scout Jamboree

FORT A.P. HILL, Va (July 15, 2005)—Thanks to XS Scuba, Inc., master distributor for Luxfer scuba tanks, some 40,000 Boy Scouts will have the chance to try scuba diving when the 2005 National Boy Scout Jamboree is held at this 76,000-acre U.S. Army facility from July 25 through Aug. 3.

XS Scuba is providing complete scuba and snorkeling equipment for the 10-day event, including 350 Luxfer aluminum tanks equipped with Thermo valves. In four large swimming pools, hundreds of trained scuba volunteers will help thousands of scouts to experience scuba diving each day. The Luxfer tanks will be filled from large military mobile compressors.

“XS Scuba is proud to have been selected to provide the participants of the 16th National Boy Scout Jamboree the chance to experience scuba,” said Dan Babcock, president of XS Scuba. “This is a rare opportunity to help create the next generation of scuba divers.” The headquarters for XS Scuba is in Santa Ana, Calif.

In addition to scuba and snorkeling, scouts will participate in kayaking, archery, trap shooting, rappelling and many other outdoor activities. Emphasis throughout the Jamboree will be on teaching scouts about their national heritage, physical fitness and environmental conservation.