Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association Show

ORLANDO, Florida (Oct. 31-Nov. 2, 2007)—Luxfer Gas Cylinders introduced its new Supernatural™ line of aluminum scuba tanks at the annual Dive Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (DEMA) exhibition and tradeshow.

Described by Luxfer as “the most beautiful ugly tank we’ve ever made,” the Supernatural features Luxfer’s proprietary, crack-resistant L6X® aluminum alloy, as well as a special heat-treatment process that gives the tank’s external surface a super corrosion-resistant oxide barrier. “Luxfer’s L6X alloy is already corrosion-resistant, and our heat treatment makes it even more so,” said Kathryn Gamboa, Luxfer’s scuba sales manager.

The external oxide-barrier on the Supernatural is left intact—no blasting, brushing or painting. “That means the gray external surface of the tank isn’t very pretty,” Ms. Gamboa said. “But the Supernatural is not only the most corrosion-resistant tank you can buy, it’s also the easiest to maintain—and dive professionals tell us they care more about those benefits than initial appearance, especially since unpainted or stripped aluminum tanks eventually turn gray, anyway, when exposed to water.”

Owners of large tank fleets will especially benefit from the ease of maintenance offered by the Supernatural. “We think they’ll find that our ‘ugly’ tank is actually beautiful,” Ms. Gamboa said.

For more information about Luxfer Supernatural scuba tanks, call Luxfer customer service toll-free at 800-764-0366.