Riverside, California USA – May 24, 2019 Luxfer Gas Cylinders, a business unit of Luxfer Holdings PLC (NYSE: LXFR) and the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure composite and aluminium cylinders, announces the successful completion of the first testing milestone for LCX-EL® SCBA cylinders with 30 year life under DOT Special Permit 14232.

In 2008 Luxfer Gas Cylinders designed and manufactured the first cylinders under the brand LCX-EL® with an increase in service life from fifteen years to thirty years. The qualification program mandated by the US DOT under Special Permit 14232 requires that a sample of 30 cylinders from the first year of manufacture of each cylinder size be collected from the field and tested at 10 years of service. Then a second sample of 30 cylinders from the first year of manufacture is also collected and tested at 15 years of service. Upon successful completion of the mandated tests at both ten and fifteen years of service, all cylinders of that design can continue as normal in the field beyond the standard life of 15 years to a maximum of 30 years.

Luxfer has completed the first milestone in this process and passed all the inspections and tests required by the US DOT under Special Permit 14232 at ten years of service life for the first manufactured batch of 9 liter LCX-EL® SCBA cylinders sold in 2008. Luxfer has informed the US DOT of the successful results of the testing, and all the 9 liter LCX-EL® cylinders in service can continue as normal.

In a further five years, at fifteen years of service, another group of 9 liter LCX-EL® cylinders from the first year of manufacture will be tested. If the tests mandated by the US DOT are passed at fifteen years, then all 9 liter LCX-EL® cylinders can continue in service for a further fifteen years – giving a total life of 30 years as designed.

Luxfer is pleased to announce that the 9 liter LCX-EL® cylinders are performing as designed, and will soon begin testing under Special Permit 14232 on the remaining sizes in the LCX-EL® range.


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Luxfer Gas Cylinders is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure composite and aluminum cylinders. More than 70 million Luxfer cylinders in service around the world have an exemplary record for dependability and safety in a variety of applications, including firefighter and first-responder life support, medical, fire extinguishers, alternative fuel, specialty gas, beverage, aerospace, inflation, scuba and performance racing. An operating company of Luxfer Group (NYSE:LXFR), Luxfer Gas Cylinders is based in Riverside, California, and has manufacturing facilities in the U.S., England, Canada, France, China and India.

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Luxfer is a global manufacturer of highly-engineered industrial materials, which focuses on value creation by using its broad array of technical knowhow and proprietary technologies. Luxfer’s high-performance materials, components, and high-pressure gas containment devices are used in defense and emergency response, healthcare, transportation, and general industrial applications. For more information, visit www.luxfer.com.