NOTTINGHAM, England—Luxfer Gas Cylinders became a full member of the Fire and Rescue Suppliers Association (FIRESA) on 1 February 2006.

Formed in April 2005, FIRESA is an association for suppliers to the fire and rescue services. The primary purpose of the association is to contribute positively to the growth and development of the fire and rescue service market, improving its effectiveness at protecting life, property and the environment. FIRESA is actively expanding its membership base to represent a full spectrum of interests across the fire and rescue sector.

Alongside Firebuy and the National Procurement Board, FIRESA is positioned to promote the aims of the National Procurement Strategy. Acting as a single point of industry contact for Firebuy, the association is aligning itself to facilitate procurement of appliances and respiratory equipment and to promote the Integrated Clothing Project. FIRESA also plans to play a major role in the proposed structure of the CFOA National Procurement Board.

Veronique McKellican, Luxfer marketing director, said: “Luxfer welcomes the opportunity to be part of FIRESA and to contribute actively to the growth and development of the fire and rescue service market through the work of the association.”

Visit the FIRESA website at for more information.