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  • Let’s work together to ensure that everyone who works in industrial vocations that require great precision can do their jobs to the best of their ability.

    Giving you more choice

    We develop and manufacture products that are designed to change the whole industry. Our lightweight, durable aluminum cylinders are used for a wide range of applications, allowing people to work more safely and efficiently in mission-critical situations.

    From silicon wafer manufacturing to emissions testing, read about all of the applications we supply.

    Our products
  • Let’s work together to ensure that everyone who works in industrial vocations that require great precision can do their jobs to the best of their ability.

    Giving you more shelf life

    We’re constantly innovating to produce the most advanced technological solutions to make the storage of high-pressure highly-volatile gases safer and easier for industrial companies.

    Our SGS aluminum cylinders are class leading in their gas stability. While also being lightweight, durable, efficient and versatile, enabling greater innovation across whole industries.

    Our applications
  • Let’s work together to ensure that everyone who works in industrial vocations that require great precision can do their jobs to the best of their ability.

    Giving you more precision

    We’re all working together to pioneer new industrial equipment and processes that are designed and engineered to ensure workers in demanding jobs can do their work accurately, efficiently and safely.

    Read our stories to lean how we’re helping to revolutionize the industry, and how we can give people all the tools they need to produce superior results.

    Explore our range

‘Luxfer’s SGS cylinders provide very stable gas environments that allow us to provide superior calibration packages to our customers. Greater gas stability means longer shelf life for gas packages, and that is something our customers value.’

- Chris Street, StG Chief Executive


Luxfer cylinders are designed to handle a huge range of rare, volatile, speciality and high-purity gases, including gases used in the manufacture of semiconductors and other electronic products, in which maintaining gas purity and stability is essential. Cylinders are also available for the containment of calibration gases, as well as a wide variety of other industrial applications.

Specialty gases

Storage and containment for industrial gases for a wide range of industries and applications.

Ultra-high purity gases

Solutions for the storage and transport of highly-volatile low ppm or ppb ultra-high-purity gases.

Calibration gases

Containment and storage of comparative and reference gases for the calibration of scientific analytical equipment such as gas analysers or gas detectors.

Did you know?

Our industrial and specialty gas cylinders are designed to make work easier. We’ve used our unrivalled expertise to develop cylinders that significantly increase the stability of volatile gases in use and storage, and that can reduce preparation time.


We offer the widest range of sizes and finishes available, from 0.5 to 50 litre cylinders, from great value cylinders to industry-leading finishes that deliver excellence. There’s a Luxfer cylinder for every application.

Superior Gas Stability is our speciality

SGS™ cylinders are made using proprietary manufacturing processes and controls to ensure that they have the leading gas-stability in the marketplace.

Specialty gas Ultra-high purity gases
Providing you with superior stability and shelf-life

Luxfer’s low-pressure reusable cylinders for calibration gases are ideal for the storage and transport of calibration gases.

Specialty gas Calibration gases

Did you know?

Our cylinders are made with aluminum alloys that give you superior corrosion resistance, making them safer, more stable and longer lasting.

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