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    Giving you more to celebrate

    We’re all working together to pioneer new technologies that help to make drinks bubbly, celebrations more exciting, and good times more fun. Read our stories to learn how we’re helping to deliver CO2 solutions that go with a pop.

    Our applications
  • Let’s work together to make drinks more bubbly, celebrations more exciting, and good times more fun.

    Giving you more innovation

    We’re constantly innovating to produce the most advanced technological solutions designed to deliver CO2 power when you need it.

    Our cylinders are lightweight, durable, efficient and versatile, enabling greater innovation across the whole industry.

    Our products


We meet the demand for CO2 in a range of industries, from beverage and paintball to farming and medicine.


Luxfer was the first company to manufacture cold-extruded aluminum CO2 cylinders for beverage service. Clean, corrosion-resistant, lightweight Luxfer cylinders remain the ideal choice for commercial dispensing beers, lagers, ciders, stouts and carbonated soft drinks.


CO2 is used as a shield gas in MIG/MAG welding, protecting the weld-puddle from oxidation from surrounding air.


For cold sterilization of medical instruments, respiration stimulants, carboxytherapy and dental applications.


We’re working with agricultural bodies to feed the world using efficient hydroponic farming methods. Luxfer CO2 cylinders enrich greenhouse environments to create stronger crops and better yields.

Did you know?

There are over 2 million Luxfer CO2 beverage cylinders in use across the world. That’s a lot to celebrate.


Luxfer sets the standard for superior CO2 cylinders. Our advanced designs and dedication to quality ensure superior results.

Did you know?

Our CO2 cylinders are ideal for dispensing beers, lagers, ciders, stouts and soft drinks, giving you plenty of choice.

Support and downloads

(Warranty for cylinders manufactured in the United )

( A guide to beverage cylinder safety)

(Should I be doing anything different for my aluminum alloy 6061 composite cylinders than I have done in the past?)

(Are special coatings needed to protect aluminum cylinder interiors from tap water?)

(Will my aluminum-lined composite cylinder have a shortened life from being hydrostatically tested with tap water?)

(Does hydrostatically testing an aluminum-lined composite cylinder with tap water corrode the cylinder or make the cylinder unsafe?)

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