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L6X® – aluminum type 1 cylinders

Luxfer is the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum high pressure cylinders including a broad range of high-quality, high-performance CO2 and beverage cylinders.

With a quality, lightweight design; a corrosion-resistant, L6X aluminum alloy liner and unsurpassed service and support, Luxfer is the superior choice for all your CO2 and beverage cylinder needs.


Corrosion-resistant – aluminum interior is less susceptible to rust and helps maintain quality of cylinder contents  |  Lightweight -up to 40 percent lighter than comparable steel cylinders  |  Easy-to-Maintain – brushed aluminum external surface provides low maintenance finish  |  Cost Effective – lighter weight and less corrosion results in reduced transportation and cylinder replacement expenses  |  Highly Durable – manufactured from Luxfer’s proprietary L6X aluminum alloy

Additional information

All cylinders meet or exceed all regulatory standards worldwide  |  Available with specially designed valve-protecting carrying handle that doubles as heat indicator  |  Cylinders are cycle tested in excess of 100,000 cycles at service pressure, and burst tested to no less than 2.5 times service pressure without failure.

CO2 - L6X [EU]

Part NumberSpecificationTest Pressure (bar)CO2 Capacity (kg)Water Volume (l)Diameter (mm) Length (mm)Weight (kg)Thread Size

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