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G-Stor® Pro H2 Carbon Composite Type 3 Cylinders

Luxfer’s G-Stor® Pro H2 products are the leading line of lightweight high-pressure hydrogen storage cylinders used by a number of the world’s largest OEMs that design, develop and manufacture state-of-the-art compressed hydrogen storage systems for fuel-cells and internal-combustion engines.

The G-Stor® Pro H2 advantage is our lightweight, impermeable Type 3 cylinder technology. Many hydrogen-storage systems fitted with G-Stor Pro H2 cylinders are operating around the globe.

Luxfer provided G-Stor® Pro H2 cylinders for Citaro fuel-cell transit buses operating throughout Europe as part of the Clean Urban Transport for Europe (CUTE) project. Our cylinders were also used on hydrogen-powered commuter buses during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and the 2012 Summer Olympics in London – and we continue to supply H2 systems around the world.

G-Stor® Pro H2 cylinders are also being used for mobile refueling systems that provide instant infrastructure by making compressed hydrogen accessible to end-users.

G-Stor® Pro H2 for Mobility Applications [EU]

Part numberApprovalsService pressure (bar)Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Weight (kg)Water volume (l)Hydrogen capacity (kg)Design Life (years)MountThread size
Q042H35PED / PESR / EC7935034074025421.0120Neck/Body Mount2-12 UNF / 1.125-12 UNF
Q052H35PED / PESR / EC7935034087529.2521.2520Neck/Body Mount2-12 UNF / 1.125-12 UNF
V060H35EC79/PED/PESR35040076736601.4520Neck/Body Mount2-12 UNF / 1.125-12 UNF
V074H35EC79/PED/PESR35040090038.9741.820Neck/Body Mount2-12 UNF / 1.125-12 UNF
Q095H35PED / PESR / EC79350340145848.3952.320Neck/Body Mount2-12 UNF / 1.125-12 UNF
V130H35EC79/R134/PED/PESR3504001515621303.1320 (R134 15)Neck/Body Mount2-12 UNF / 1.125-12 UNF
W150H35EC79350415161473.11503.620Neck/Body Mount2-12 UNF / 1.125-12 UNF
W183H35EC79 + R1343504151910831834.3720 (R134 15)Neck/Body Mount2-12 UNF / 1.125-12 UNF
W195H35EC793504152046891954.6920Neck/Body Mount2-12 UNF / 1.125-12 UNF
W205H35PED / PESR / EC79 / R134/ TPED3504152110952054.920 (R134 15)Neck/Body Mount2-12 UNF / 1.125-12 UNF
W322H35EC79/R134/TPED35041531651383227.820 (R134 15)Neck/Body Mount2-12 UNF / 1.125-12 UNF

G-Stor® Pro H2 for Distribution Applications [EU]

Part numberApprovalsService pressure (bar)Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Weight (kg)Water volume (l)Hydrogen capacity (kg)Design Life (years)MountThread size
W150H35TPED (ISO 11119-2)350415161473.11503.615Neck2-12 UNF
W205H30TPED (ISO 11119-2)3004152110952054.3215Neck2-12 UNF
W205H35TPED (ISO 11119-2)3504152110952054.920Neck2-12 UNF
W258H38TPED (ISO 11119-2) + EN17339 (PENDING)38041826231222586.6315Neck1.125-12 UNF
W283H45TPED (ISO 11119-2)45043528171862838.2815Neck1.5-12 UNF
W320H45TPED (ISO 11119-2)45043531282053209.3715Neck1.5-12 UNF
W322H35TPED (ISO 11119-2)35041531651403227.815Neck2-12 UNF

G-Stor® Pro H2 [UN-ISO]

Part numberApprovalsService pressure (bar)Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Weight (kg)Water volume (l)Hydrogen capacity (kg)Design Life (years)MountThread size
W150H35CSA B341 (ISO 11119-2)350415161473.11503.615Neck2-12 UNF
W205H30CSA B341 (ISO 11119-2)3004152110952054.3215Neck2-12 UNF
W205H35CSA B341 (ISO 11119-2)3504152110952054.915Neck2-12 UNF
W275H35CSA B341 (ISO 11119-2)35041527431232756.6115Neck1.125-12 UNF
W283H45CSA B341 (ISO 11119-2)45043528171902838.2815Neck1.5-12 UNF
W305H52CSA B341 (ISO 11119-2)52044430402283059.9515Neck1.5-12 UNF
W320H45CSA B341 (ISO 11119-2)45043531282053209.3715Neck1.5-12 UNF
W322H35CSA B341 (ISO 11119-2)35041531651403227.815Neck2-12 UNF

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