An investment of more than £1million in Luxfer Gas Cylinders’ European base in Nottingham has been announced, which will establish a new alternative fuel production facility to support ‘virtual’ gas pipelines that can distribute hydrogen across the UK and Europe.

The Nottingham manufacturing base produces up to one million cylinders each year and is home to alternative fuel specialists who have embedded world-first hydrogen-powered systems into buses, trucks, trains, boats, tractors and even drones.

Building hydrogen storage and transport capability

This new purpose-built facility will produce Multiple Element Gas Containers (MEGCs). Available in 20-foot, 40-foot and 45-foot solutions, the G-Stor® Hydrosphere range can store between 0.5 and 1.4 tonnes of clean gas and transport it to where it’s needed, opening up access to hydrogen for companies targeting greener operations.

Mark Lawday, Vice President and General Manager of Luxfer Europe, explains: “This investment is the natural next step in continuing to build our European hydrogen capability and support the development of the hydrogen economy, which is going to be essential in enabling all of us to reach our decarbonisation goals in Europe in 2030 and beyond.”

With appropriate filling speeds and maximum gas capacity critical to suit different virtual gas pipeline requirements, Luxfer has drawn upon the engineering excellence of its global teams in the UK, Canada and North America, and can offer its trusted G-Stor® Pro Type 3 cylinder, or the newly launched G-Stor® Go Type 4 technology.

Mark adds: “Thanks to our industry-leading G-Stor® Pro Type 3 and G-Stor® Go Type 4 core cylinder technology, combined with decades of experience in alternative fuel systems design and development, we have a product range to provide customers with a choice of technology, module capacities and features, to match current and future needs.”

Ownership of core cylinder technology is fundamental to being able to meet customer needs, explains Nick Herbert, Sales Director at Luxfer Europe: “Because we can control the precise diameter of our cylinders through our proprietary liner manufacturing process, we can start with a blank piece of paper. It gives us the ability to develop the most efficient cylinder geometry to optimise our MEGC designs and deliver customers exceptional value.”

Alternative fuel hub to benefit community

Luxfer Gas Cylinders has been operating for over 80 years and has sites across the world, but makes Nottingham its European base, where it employs over 230 people from the region. The new hub will see a number of additional jobs created at the Colwick site, as the facility steps up its operation.

Tom Randall, Conservative MP for Gedling, attended the event to mark the beginning of the development of the Colwick site. He said: “Climate change is one of the key challenges for our society, and I have long believed that new technologies are the key to achieving our goal of reaching net zero by 2050.

“I am particularly proud that a local company is playing its part in our country’s path to net zero emissions. This new facility at Luxfer Gas Cylinders will help make hydrogen more affordable and accessible, and it will create new jobs in our community. This investment is a vote of confidence in our future, as well as demonstrating confidence in Colwick and in Nottinghamshire. I want to thank Luxfer for its leadership in this important area. It will help to make our country a cleaner and more prosperous place.”

The investment is just the latest commitment from Luxfer Gas Cylinders to support the hydrogen economy and champion alternative fuel adoption though virtual pipeline solutions.

The company launched its G-Stor® Pro Bundle – a multiple cylinder package (MCP) comprised of a modular, interconnected system of cylinders, earlier this year. It helps meet demand for smaller volumes of hydrogen gas, as a crucial stepping stone in the hydrogen supply chain.