RIVERSIDE, Calif. (May 25, 2005)—Luxfer Gas Cylinders announced today that it now provides customers test reports, order acknowledgements and invoices in electronic form via e-mail.

Made possible by Luxfer’s use of advanced SAP TM software and computer technology, this new Luxfer capability offers numerous customer benefits, including:

  • Less paperwork, paper-handling and filing.
  • Rapid access to order-related information.
  • Quicker answers to order-related questions.
  • No more waiting for documents to arrive by mail.
  • No more worry about lost documents.

“This technological advancement is another example of Luxfer’s ongoing commitment to provide the best customer service in the cylinder industry,” said Pam McLean, Luxfer customer service manager. “We look forward to helping our customers save time and money by reducing their paperwork and by making their order information available to them much faster.”

To learn more about Luxfer’s electronic reporting capability, call Luxfer customer service toll-free at 800-764-0366.