December 3, 1998 Riverside, California, USA

In 1994 Luxfer Gas Cylinders in the United States began an audit and assessment of its systems to determine any necessary changes to computer systems and software to ensure that Luxfer is able to function effectively and maintain its standard of service to customers through and beyond the year 2000.

Since that time, several internal systems have been modernized and replaced. As of June 1997, all of Luxfer Gas Cylinders critical software systems were determined to be year 2000 compliant. This includes both systems written in-house and systems purchased from outside vendors. Additionally, Luxfer has implemented a new manufacturing system which is also fully year 2000 compliant. All specifications for new systems, equipment and software require them to work through the year 2000.

It has been Luxfer’s intention to minimize year 2000 risks as far as it is possible or reasonable so to do. At this stage, it is not anticipated that there will be disruption of Luxfer’s ability to function or provide service to its customers before, during or after the year 2000 due to the ‘millennium bug.’ Furthermore, Luxfer does not expect to incur additional cost of doing business due to year 2000 software or hardware issues.

However, although Luxfer has taken serious and prudent corrective actions to be prepared to do business in the next century, no business can categorically state that there will be no disruption because of year 2000 issues. This is because of the uncertain nature of the potential effects, for example, of linkage to third party software that may have a year 2000 problem. Nevertheless, Luxfer is taking all necessary steps to ensure as far as possible that its suppliers, vendors and other providers are year 2000 compliant.

Please note: the information provided to you, either in writing or contained on Luxfer’s internet web site pages, regarding products and services offered by Luxfer (or with respect to Luxfer’s year 2000 processing capabilities or readiness) is considered a year 2000 disclosure in conformance with the Year 2000 Information and Readiness Disclosure Act of 1998 (Public Law 105-271, 112 Stat. 2386) enacted October 19, 1998. This designation applies to information delivered directly to you, through or derived from Luxfer’s internet web site pages, and other materials.

If you have any questions about Luxfer’s year 2000 compliance program then please contact our Information Technology Manager, John P. Dibble, at (951) 341-2298.