RIVERSIDE, Calif. – July 3, 1999 – Luxfer Gas Cylinders has announced that 198 of its Model C005 five-pound carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders were incorrectly stamped 3000 psi instead of 1800 psi.

These cylinders are filled by weight, not pressure, since CO2 service does not use pressure rating for filling. If the cylinders are hydrotested at the incorrect stamping of 3,000 psi as the service pressure, they will fail the hydrotest at approximately 5,000 psi (cylinders are hydrotested at 5/3 of service pressure).

The incorrectly stamped cylinders were manufactured in February 1994 and shipped in the first or second quarter of that year. Serial numbers range from X8321 through X8518. Other identifying markings include the name “Luxfer” the cast code number “787” and the heat-treat lot marking “M98”.

If you have one of these cylinders, do not attempt to fill or use it. Please call Luxfer Customer Service at 951-684-5110 to arrange for a free replacement.

Some of these cylinders have already been recovered, primarily from the northeastern United States, including Maine, Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia.

Luxfer has reported the stamping error to the U.S. Department of Transportation, which is expected to issue a recall notice in the near future.