Introducing a new virtual gas pipeline solution from industry leaders Luxfer Gas Cylinders

A unique transportation method for hydrogen – the G-Stor® Pro Bundle – builds new connections for sustainability

Industry demand for solutions to transport small to medium volumes of gas as part of a ‘virtual gas pipeline’ is behind the launch of the G-Stor® Pro Bundle from hydrogen storage experts Luxfer Gas Cylinders.

Developed and ready for market within less than one year, the multiple-cylinder package (MCP) is a modular, interconnected system comprising Luxfer’s trusted Type 3 G-Stor® H2 cylinders, which are stacked horizontally and can deliver a larger volume of gas in a similar footprint to other available options.

The solution answers the call for companies that are targeting cleaner and greener operations but are impacted by a lack of hydrogen infrastructure.

Available in a nine-cylinder bundle, the containers allow for the supply of hydrogen to external pipelines and where a high volume of gas is required to be fed at a regular flow rate and pressure without an interruption.

They offer a crucial stepping stone for industrial use such as for refineries, small scale H2 refuelling stations currently being used to power prototype vehicles, manufacturing sites, portable power generators – and more.

Kevin Gilbert, Alternative Fuel Design Manager, explains: “The G-Stor® Pro Bundle was developed to support our customers in their adoption of clean, green fuel and this is a hugely important solution in the hydrogen supply chain.

“The modular system is set in a lightweight, durable, high strength frame that can be slotted into an existing structure and onto trucks and trailers seamlessly. Because it features our lightweight and robust Type 3 cylinders, we can provide increased water volume and more gas capacity, which is key.”

Luxfer Gas Cylinders has an 80-year legacy in gas containment and has a specialist – and expanding – alternative fuel facility at its Colwick, Nottingham base. With an impeccable safety record, it is responsible for supplying hydrogen fuel systems to international customers across the transport sector.

Kevin adds: “Alternative fuel is a key market for us, and we’re constantly innovating to produce the most advanced technological solutions designed to help supply gas across the world.

“While concurrently developing the means to support bulk gas transport requirements, we recognised that what the industry needs right now, to nurture hydrogen adoption, is small to medium storage options, and that’s where our G-Stor® Pro Bundle is ideal.”

Five cylinder sizes are available, from 150 to 322 litres, with six variations of hydrogen storage capacity from 32.1kgs to 84.3kgs. For further information visit:


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