NOTTINGHAM, England (Aug. 10, 2007)–Medical Gas Solutions (MGS) has successfully completed implementation of a five-year contract with the East Midlands Ambulance Service by supplying Luxfer’s 300-bar, 2-litre Odyssey™ and 10-litre Excursion™ cylinders under the MGS brand name “New Vision”.

Part of Luxfer’s advanced technology hoop-wrap and full- wrap composite product lines, these cylinders combine optimum strength and durability with uncompromising safety in compact, portable packages. Because the cylinders can be charged up to 300 bar, they are ideal for frontline crews since they provide almost double the gas volume of a conventional cylinder.

Steve Gullick, Medical Gas Solution’s managing director, said: “We selected Luxfer’s Excursion and Odyssey series because they provide a total-solution approach to medical gas delivery, including the lightest weight-to-duration ratio available on the market.”

New Vision cylinders are fitted with an innovative micro-chip tracking device that enables ambulance services not only to record and monitor stock control via an on-line link, but also to recognize “hot spots” where extra cylinders are required. The system incorporates a unique identity number that can be traced back to the date of manufacture, refill dates, gas contents, cylinder type, batch control and testing data.

Other user benefits to the New Vision system include integral valve technology with easy-to-read settings, ergonomically designed controls and easy-access power outlets.