Luxfer L7X medical oxygen cylinders significantly increase capacity while maintaining size and weight resulting in lower per patient delivery costs.

Luxfer cylinders designed to deliver outstanding clinical performance and cost savings to healthcare industry

Sao Paolo, BRAZIL – May 21, 2019 Luxfer Gas Cylinders, a business unit of Luxfer Holdings PLC (NYSE: LXFR) and the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure composite and aluminium cylinders, will showcase its lightweight L7X® medical cylinders at Hospitalar 2019 in Gaswide’s booth #170, Expo Center Norte, Sao Paolo. Gaswide is a Brazil distributor for Luxfer medical cylinders.

Luxfer’s patented higher-strength L7X alloy medical cylinders offer significant cost savings and productivity improvements to the healthcare industry by providing:

  • 50 percent more oxygen capacity
  • 40 percent lighter weight than steel cylinders
  • Higher-pressure filling (up to 3,000 psi or 207 bar)
  • Industry-best 15-year warranty
  • Exceptional durability and corrosion resistance

“Hospitals are continually looking for solutions that help deliver optimum patient care, while at the same time, reducing costs, improving productivity and streamlining operations,” said Rob DuPuis, Vice President of Sales, Luxfer Gas Cylinders. “By significantly increasing a cylinder’s gas capacity while maintaining its size and weight, the per patient delivery costs – fuel, vehicle maintenance and labor – of L7X medical cylinders are greatly reduced.”

Holding up to 50 percent more oxygen than conventional medical cylinders, Luxfer estimates that its L7X medical cylinders can provide delivery cost savings alone of up to $500 per year, per patient. Since the number of cylinders required to deliver the same oxygen volume can be reduced by up to one-third, further cost savings can be realized through reductions in delivery truck and warehouse space, lessened equipment handling times and lower cylinder requalification fees.

“We are excited to work with a global leader and technology pioneer such as Luxfer to demonstrate the capabilities of L7X medical cylinders at the Hospitalar show,” said Luciano Bonelli, Gaswide, a Luxfer distribution partner based in Brazil. “L7X medical cylinders are already proven in other parts of the world and we are confident that this innovative product will make a similar impact here in Latin America.”

To see Luxfer L7X medical cylinders, visit Gaswide’s booth #170 at Hospitalar.


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