The lung run start

April 30, 2004 — Employees from Luxfer Europe were once again among the thousands of runners in the British Lung Foundation’s Annual Lung Run. The Lung Run, now in its 11th anniversary year, was held on the 25th of April in Sutton Park, Birmingham, UK. It attracted thousands of runners from across the UK and members of the Breathe Easy Group, the Foundation’s patient support network. The British Lung Foundation is a lifeline for many of the 8 million people living with lung disease throughout the UK. Luxfer was one of the event’s main sponsors and we are extremely proud to be associated with such a deserving and hard working charity.

Our runners did extremely well, with many of them positioning themselves within the first few hundred runners. Richard Trapeau from the company’s French manufacturing facility finished the 10K race in an outstanding time of 38min and 4 seconds, for which he was awarded 15th place out of a total of more than 1000 runners. This combined with the excellent times of his teammates ensured Luxfer were awarded the 4th challenge team trophy. Luxfer’s other team also did well competing within the 5K race with many members achieving times well under 25 minutes.

Luxfer looks forward to competing at the 12th Lung Run in 2005 and maintaining or improving its position.