BOGATA, Colombia (July 25, 2006) – Kathryn Gamboa, U.S.A. business development manager for Luxfer Gas Cylinders, recently delivered a lecture at the 5th National Healthcare Congress here.

Led by Dr. Alexander Paz and attended by more than 500 delegates, including physicians, respiratory therapists, pulmonary consultants and homecare providers, the congress included workshops and seminars on optimum care for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), for which oxygen therapy is often used.

Ms. Gamboa’s lecture highlighted lifestyle advantages for ambulatory patients associated with Luxfer oxygen cylinders, particularly those made from Luxfer’s new, patented, higher-strength L7X™ aluminium alloy.

“Because Luxfer’s L7X-alloy cylinders can be filled to 3,000 psi (207 bar), they hold up to 50 percent more oxygen than conventional aluminum cylinders of the same size,” Ms. Gamboa said. “This increased capacity is important to oxygen patients, who gain a significant increase in ambulation time and need to change cylinders far less often. It also offers a significant advantage for homecare providers, who save money on deliveries since fewer trips to patients’ homes are required in this era of ever-increasing fuel costs.”

She noted that major gas companies in the U.S. are already offering 3,000-psi filling and that Luxfer is actively promoting higher-pressure filling as part of its marketing, using the slogan: “Higher pressure is coming. Will you lead or follow?”

Ms. Gamboa works in the Luxfer U.S.A. headquarters in Riverside, Calif.