Breathe Easy support network

NOTTINGHAM, England (Aug 29, 2008) – Members of the Breathe Easy group in Ilkeston Derbyshire are getting fitter with the help of a donation from Luxfer Gas Cylinders.

The newly-formed group, set up by asthma sufferer Darren Bailey, is one of the many groups across the country taking part in the British Lung Foundation’s ‘Active’ programme run by Jo Mist, an instructor with specialist respiratory training.

Danielle Smreczak, exercise coordinator for the BLF ‘Active’ programme explained: ‘BLF Active is the result of a six-month pilot project in which 225 people were involved in exercise in 10 different locations across England. Results were overwhelmingly positive, showing improvements in people’s ability to walk further and being less depressed and anxious. People involved in the pilot say they are now more active and that it has given them much more confidence.’

The British Lung Foundation has a network of 185 Breathe Easy support groups throughout the UK that are run by patients for patients. Most groups have a dedicated health professional who provides help and advice. Groups vary in size and activity, with some having between 10-20 members and others as many as 500.

Breathe Easy is a self-help network that provides support and information not only for people living with lung conditions, but also for those who look after them. Groups provide a friendly atmosphere for people to meet and talk, find out more about their lung conditions and participate in awareness events, campaigning, fundraising and social outings.

Vicky Butler, Luxfer’s global medical marketing manager, said: ‘We were delighted to help by funding a venue for the BLF “Active” programme classes since people with lung conditions and those who care for them often feel isolated from the outside world. We also like helping members get fitter. New BLF classes offer a much-needed opportunity for social activity, particularly in the winter months when many people feel isolated and depressed.’

The British Lung Foundation is the only UK charity working for everyone affected by lung disease. It funds world-class research and provides support for people affected by lung disease to bring about positive change in treatment, care and support.

Visit the British Lung Foundation website at for more information.