BAD SCHWARTAU, Germany (June 4, 2008)—DEHAS Deutsche Hospital Ausstattung & Service have recently announced the launch of new lightweight backpacks that will ease workloads for frontline emergency medical and rescue teams across Europe. DEHAS, specialists in patient monitoring and oxygen medicine, are using Luxfer’s lightweight Voyage oxygen cylinders in their new backpacks.

Weighing between 8kg and 15kg, the revolutionary backpack is ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of occupational injury by combining extended oxygen delivery in a compact cylinder together with exceptional strength and durability even under extreme conditions.

Teams also have the convenience of combining a flexible backpack with clearly laid out interior compartments and easy-open transparent compartments for quick access to medical equipment. The backpack does not need to be removed during patient transport since the contents can be accessed via exterior zipper compartments.

Ideal for air ambulances and emergency services bikes, the backpack is manufactured from hard-wearing, high-visibility fabric and includes an ultra-lightweight, 1-litre, 200-bar Voyage oxygen cylinder, part of the proven Luxfer Medical product range manufactured by Luxfer Gas Cylinders.

DEHAS Managing Director Jens Mittendorf said: “Luxfer’s Voyage cylinders were the ideal choice for our new backpack since they have been ergonomically designed to minimize occupational injuries associated with patient and equipment handling. Major advantages for life support teams also include the option of storing greater pressures of gas than same-size traditional cylinders, together with easy portability – especially in situations involving stairs or confined spaces.”

DEHAS are specialist distributors for patient monitoring and portable oxygen systems, pulsoximetry sensor technology and accessories. A dedicated manufacturer-distribution centre for pulsoximetry is currently under construction. For more information please contact