Luxfer sponsor London Tigers paintball team

NOTTINGHAM, England (Oct. 15, 2007)–Grudge-match day finally arrived for Luxfer Nottingham’s 14-strong team of fearless paintball warriors as they travelled to deepest Basildon to face the London Tigers in the second annual ‘Mayhem Day’ shoot-out in the summer of 2007.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders sponsors the Kent-based Tigers, the third-ranked professional paintball team in Europe. The Tigers use Luxfer lightweight carbon composite cylinders as part of their standard equipment.

With the memory of last-year’s heavy defeat still fresh in their minds, the Luxfer team arrived in Essex heavily armed with an arsenal of Tiger-taming tactics, including one fail-proof strategy to “shoot them where it hurts.”

Although slightly disorientated with this year’s change in battle scenarios, the Luxfer players prepared for combat with the Tigers by organising themselves into two teams armed with unlimited ammunition, lighter guns and the promise of beer and a barbeque if they managed to get through the day.

The first scenario was played in Bottom Wood, where things quickly went from bad to worse for the Luxfer contingent when, despite a thorough briefing on game rules, one member of Luxfer’s “green” team confused his own ally with the enemy and shot him, leaving the blue team with a clear advantage.

After battling it out across gruelling scenarios—including a tank convoy, urban landscape and an aeroplane field—the Luxfer players finally faced a showdown in which they were thoroughly trounced by the Tigers, who had by then lent them their guns and weapons ostensibly out of good sportsmanship—but most probably out of pity, judging by the away team’s bruises and paint splats!

The London Tigers yet again not only proved themselves formidable opponents, but also fantastic hosts on another memorable mayhem day.

Any volunteers for the next re-match?