NOTTINGHAM, England (June 27, 2006) – Luxfer Gas Cylinders has announced the appointment of Mark Lawday as Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Project Manager with responsibility for developing their compressed natural gas (CNG) product range in the global market.

With a background in mechanical design and manufacturing, Mark is a graduate member of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining with a special interest in metallurgy and the processing of high-strength aluminium alloys.

As a major player in the supply of large composite cylinders into the CNG alternative fuel market, Luxfer is working alongside the International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles (IANGV) to develop a range of lightweight, large-diameter carbon cylinders for use in alternative fuel vehicle fleets across the world.

“With virtually every country on Earth investing in clean energy technologies, the alternative fuel industry is set to expand rapidly over the next few years,” Mark Lawday said. “Globally, there are now more than 4.7 million CNG vehicles in use, providing major environmental benefits such as a 20% reduction in C02 emissions and over an 80% reduction in nitrous oxides. In response to significant demand to increase CNG use, Luxfer has already developed a range of lightweight, large-diameter cylinders that can be mounted in groups on top of buses or in the sub-frames of trucks.”