Luxfer bio-methane powered buses

Luxfer Gas Cylinders, an international manufacturer of lightweight, fuel-efficient carbon composite cylinders and systems for containment of compressed natural gas (CNG), will exhibit its innovative, space-saving alternative fuel systems at the Busworld International Trade Fair in Istanbul, Turkey, 19-21 April 2012. For details about the show, visit

Luxfer’s commitment to alternative fuel and bulk gas transportation markets resulted in record sales in 2011 of lightweight, aluminium-lined carbon composite cylinders for containment of CNG, biomethane and other alternative fuels. Luxfer is providing efficient gas-transportation solutions to a growing number of bus and truck original equipment manufacturers, vehicle converters and gas companies in North America, South America, Europe and Asia.

The record sales followed the recent relocation of Luxfer’s aluminium liner and composite cylinder production facility to a state-of-the-art manufacturing complex in Riverside, California USA. The facility features a highly efficient, vertically integrated alternative fuel cylinder production line, including advanced heat-treatment technology. 2011 also marked the opening of Luxfer Italy, a new, fully equipped facility to build alternative fuel systems for CNG stored in Luxfer carbon composite cylinders. In keeping with Luxfer’s focus on clean, alternative energy, the facility is powered by photovoltaic solar panels that cover its roof. Installed by Luxfer’s Italian operating partner, Matar srl, the panels generate up to 6,658 kilowatts; any excess capacity is sold to the national grid. Dr Mark Lawday, Luxfer Alternative Fuel Market Manager, commented: “This significant investment shows that we are taking our commitment to the environment very seriously, which is very much in synchronisation with the aims and actions of our customers as they reduce CO2 emissions by adopting clean natural gas vehicles.”

The new facility, which holds a stock of cylinders and other system components, offers fast lead times to European-based alternative fuel vehicle manufacturers and converters. Luxfer Italy is currently producing a series of innovative, space-saving gas-storage systems to be mounted on roofs of CNG/electric hybrid buses in Madrid, Spain. Luxfer is also working closely with the Hardstaff Group to launch Dual Fuel trucks in France and Italy. Hardstaff’s patented OIGI® (Oil Ignited Gas Injection) technology enables trucks to run on a mixture of diesel fuel and natural gas.

Dual Fuel is already in use in the UK and other European countries, including a fleet of ecologically innovative Dual Fuel buses that run on biomethane and diesel in Lincolnshire, England. Hardstaff converted Optare Solo buses, using roof-mounted Luxfer carbon composite cylinders. The fleet provides up to a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions and improved fuel economy.

Luxfer is set to build on its 2011 global success with a strong 2012 order book and further manufacturing expansion later this year. Luxfer Gas Cylinders is a member of the Luxfer Group of high-technology companies. For more information, visit