Hydrogen cylinders from world-leading gas storage specialists Luxfer Gas Cylinders are now approved to the new global regulation, amplifying the organisation’s values of high quality and safety first.

Following a rigorous testing regime, a range of Luxfer’s Type 3 hydrogen cylinders and systems has achieved Regulation No 134 (R134), which is an international certification for hydrogen cylinder manufacturers. 

Luxfer’s hydrogen fuel storage systems provide development opportunities for alternative fuel vehicles. Achieving this safety regulation highlights that Luxfer’s high performance cylinders and systems are safe for use in hydrogen-powered vehicles, across a wide range of applications.


Alex Millward, Alternative Fuel Technical Manager at Luxfer, explains: “Within our business, safety is paramount and as hydrogen is such a dynamic sector, being responsive to change and offering high performing, durable hydrogen fuel storage solutions is vital to the industry.

“From 2009 until 2022, hydrogen vehicles operating in Europe have required approval in accordance with Regulation EC79. More recently, EC79 has been replaced by R134. Whilst this regulation was originally for passenger and light duty modes of transport, it has now been revised and is applicable to more heavy duty vehicles.

Component manufacturers achieving approval in accordance with R134 is vital in decarbonising the transport sector and is important in nurturing confidence in hydrogen systems among companies who may be looking to invest in greener, more sustainable solutions as part of their carbon reduction strategies.

Alex continues: “Our commitment to the hydrogen transport sector is a demonstration of the innovation embedded within our engineering teams, and our customer-first approach. We consistently seek to maintain the strictest safety regulations for our products, and we’re proud to be able to offer high-performance hydrogen solutions to pioneering organisations driving the adoption of this renewable fuel.

“For the sector at large it’s good news too – harmonising the regulatory landscape is an important factor for growth in the hydrogen economy.”

Bill Mezher, Luxfer Gas Cylinders’ Composite Technology and Innovation Manager, adds: “Building on over 20 years of experience providing compressed hydrogen storage solutions, we are happy to expand our product portfolio and offer cylinders approved to the UN ECE R134 regulation. 

“Our cylinders are designed and qualified in multiple jurisdictions, giving our customers flexibility of design and the opportunity to expand their solution offerings across the world.”

Luxfer Gas Cylinders’ most recent hydrogen projects include a fleet of zero-emission refuse trucks with Netherlands and Belgium-based sustainable vehicle manufacturer E-Trucks Europe, and the UK’s first mass produced hydrogen-electric truck, in a historic milestone with partner Tevva Hydrogen Electric Trucks.