Riverside, Calif. (June 27, 2006) – Luxfer Gas Cylinders recently received NGV2 approval for its Type 3 compressed natural gas (CNG) cylinders, which will be available to alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) manufacturers.

Mark Lawday, Luxfer’s AFV project manager, said: “NGV2 approval is an exciting milestone for everyone involved in the CNG market since it offers increased opportunities and potential for new product development across the sector.”

Type 3 cylinders are lightweight, fully wrapped carbon composite cylinders with all-metal aluminum liners. Luxfer is developing a 410mm-diameter product range specifically for use on commercial buses and trucks. To meet requirements from other vehicle sectors, alternative-diameter Luxfer products are due to be launched throughout 2007 in lengths from one to three meters and capacities ranging from 80 to 320 liters.

The world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum and composite high-pressure gas cylinders, Luxfer offers an expanding range of high-quality cylinders for CNG and hydrogen storage in alternative fuel vehicles.