Hardstaffs Oil Ignition Gas Injection combustion technology

NOTTINGHAM, England (Feb. 25, 2010) – Luxfer Gas Cylinders and the Hardstaff Group will exhibit together at the Semaine Internationale du Transport et de la Logistique (SITL) show in Paris March 23-26 to showcase Hardstaff’s patented dual fuel system that simultaneously burns natural gas and diesel.

Hardstaff’s OIGI® (Oil Ignition Gas Injection) combustion technology is used to convert diesel engines to dual fuel engines. According to Hardstaff CEO Trevor Fletcher, the concept behind the system is straightforward: “Very clean fuel in, very clean emissions out.” Precise control of natural gas and diesel injection provides efficient fuel use, improved fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions along with performance equivalent to the original diesel engine.

The clean compressed natural gas (CNG) used in the Hardstaff system is contained in Luxfer carbon composite cylinders. Luxfer is the exclusive distributor for the OIGI system in France. “Luxfer Gas Cylinders is proud to offer Hardstaff dual fuel technology,” said Mark Lawday, Luxfer Alternative Fuel Product Manager. “Converting vehicles to dual fuel not only reduces fuel costs, it also increases fleet flexibility and performance whilst benefiting the environment.” Dual fuel is quickly growing in popularity in Europe.

In line with the pioneering nature of SITL, Hardstaff has been selected as a candidate for the Logistics Innovations Award for 2010. The show offers unique access to a broad range of products and services encompassing innovations in supply and distribution.

For further information, visit Luxfer and Hardstaff at SITL stand H054 at Paris Nord Villepinte Hall 6.