This video was an introduction to the Mission: Hydrogen GmbH Online Workshop, which took place on 25th March 2021. The interactive event explored industry-led questions with over 100 world-class experts, more than 150 exhibitors, and 15,000 participants.

In this video from Luxfer CEO Alok Maskara, you can find out more about Luxfer’s contribution to this vital field, and the steps we are taking to ensure hydrogen fuel solutions are available to all nations and all industries in order to meet global zero-carbon goals.

The term “hydrogen economy” refers to a future in which hydrogen, rather than fossil fuels, is used as the primary fuel for transportation, heating, industry, and many other applications. Replacing fossil fuels with hydrogen systems will help combat global warming and allow nations across the world to make significant progress towards their green goals.

Hydrogen is much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than fossil fuels, because the only waste product that comes from using hydrogen fuel is harmless water vapour.

For years, Luxfer has been leading the way in the design and innovation of hydrogen fuel systems so that they can be easily integrated with other technologies to provide green solutions across countless industries.

Our state-of-the-art hydrogen fuel cylinders can be used in numerous applications, from public transport to industrial haulage, from agriculture to delivery services. We have become pioneers in the field, with our technology setting the standard for future change.

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