NOTTINGHAM, England (May 21, 2006) – Luxfer recently exhibited alongside 31 other manufacturers and service providers at the 12th annual NGVs For A Better Climate conference in Brussels, Belgium.

Hosted by the European Natural Gas Vehicle Association (ENGVA) and featuring political speakers from across Europe, the event was aimed at improving awareness about the advantages of natural gas vehicles in relation to European energy security, clean air and the environment.

Mark Lawday, Luxfer’s project manager for alternative fuel vehicles (AFV), said: “In line with the ENGVA’s initiative to improve clean energy technologies, Luxfer has developed a lightweight, large-diameter (410mm) aluminium-lined, fully wrapped carbon composite cylinder that can be supplied in lengths of up to three meters. Cylinders are designed to be mounted in groups on tops of buses or in subframes of trucks and are compatible with a number of existing compressed natural gas systems already on the market.”

The world’s largest manufacturer of composite cylinders, Luxfer is also developing a range of cylinders specifically designed to fit into taxi boots and underneath commercial vans as an added incentive for companies to convert their vehicle fleets to CNG.