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Luxfer was the first company to manufacture cold-extruded aluminum CO2 cylinders for beverage service. Clean, corrosion-resistant, lightweight Luxfer cylinders remain the ideal choice for commercial dispensing beers, lagers, ciders, stouts and carbonated soft drinks, as well as for use in “kegerators” and other home-dispensing devices. With an unmatched record for safety and performance, Luxfer CO2 cylinders have been providing unsurpassed beverage service to users around the globe for more than 50 years. Luxfer beverage cylinders offer the following advantages:

  • Cylinders are made from Luxfer’s exclusive L6X® alloy, a proprietary version of 6061-T6 specially optimized by Luxfer metallurgists to improve its durability, fracture toughness and resistance to tearing and cracking. More than 40 million L6X cylinders in service around the world have an exemplary record for safety and dependability.
  • Highly corrosion-resistant interior and exterior—ideal for wet gases.
  • Cylinders perform well at low temperatures.
  • Lightweight––up to 40 percent lighter than comparable steel cylinders.
  • Consistent weight.
  • Thick, consistent walls resist damage.
  • Brushed external surface provides a low-maintenance finish.
  • Cylinders meet or exceed all regulatory standards worldwide.
  • Luxfer’s exclusive “Safety First” training program that provides manuals, inspection guides, safety bulletins, reference materials, shop posters, videos and other training materials free of charge to promote safe use, storage and inspection of aluminum beverage cylinders. Consistent with Luxfer’s position as the world's leading manufacturer of high-pressure aluminum gas cylinders, educational offerings are available in multiple languages and formats.
  • Cylinders cycle-tested in excess of 100,000 cycles at service pressure.
  • Minimum burst pressure tested to 2.5 times service pressure without failure.


CO2 is used as a shield gas in MIG/MAG welding, protecting the weld-puddle from oxidation from surrounding air.


  • Cold sterilization of medical instruments using a mixture of 90% carbon dioxide and 10% ethylene oxide.
  • CO2 added to oxygen as a respiration stimulant.
  • Carboxytherapy, a cosmetic treatment for skin conditions such as stretch marks, dark circles under eyes and post-liposuction lumps.
  • Luxfer cylinders are also used to contain nitrous oxide used in dental applications.


  • Enriching air in greenhouses to increase plant growth.
  • Hydroponic farming applications.


  • CO2 as a propellant in paintball markers.
  • Luxfer offers an exclusive, higher-pressure (4,350-psig) hoop-wrapped cylinder (S106W) that may be used for transfilling paintball cylinders used in markers.
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L6X aluminum cylinders

Luxfer offers a broad range of aluminum cylinders for containment of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and related gas blends.

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