SYDNEY, Australia (1 July 2003) – Luxfer Gas Cylinders has announced that its current trade-in program for older Luxfer scuba cylinders will end 31st July 2003 and be replaced the following day by a new “swap-and-go” cash-back program applicable to any aluminium cylinder, regardless of manufacturer.

The new program will be available for a limited time only—until 31 December 2003—exclusively at dive shops and wholesalers in Australia and New Zealand.

Under the current program, if your scuba cylinder is older than 10 years and fails due to a manufacturing defect or sustained-load cracking (in the case of older cylinders made of 6351 aluminium alloy), you can trade in the cylinder directly with Luxfer Australia for a nominated amount, provided that the cylinder is returned to Luxfer and the defect or crack is verified. This program will end on 31st July 2003.

Beginning 1 August 2003, Luxfer’s new “swap-and-go” cash-back program will work as follows:

  • Take your old aluminium scuba cylinder—any brand, any age—to any participating dive shop or wholesaler.
  • Purchase a new scuba cylinder made from Luxfer’s proprietary 6061 aluminium alloy.
  • Turn in your old cylinder for return to Luxfer.
  • Fill out a Luxfer warranty card and provide proof of purchase of the new Luxfer cylinder.
  • You will receive a $A50.00 discount off the price of the new cylinder at the time of purchase.

There is no need to have your old cylinder inspected, and the cylinder does not need to be more than 10 years old to qualify for this new program. Any aluminium scuba cylinder of any age or any brand qualifies for this Luxfer “swap-and-go” offer, provided that the old cylinder is returned to Luxfer and a new Luxfer 6061-alloy cylinder is purchased in its place.

Dive shops wishing to participate in the new program and cylinder owners who want more information may contact Luxfer Gas Cylinders, 350 Vardys Road, Kings Park, NSW 2148; telephone 61-2-9830 0999, fax 61-2-9622-9227.