RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Sept. 29, 2005)—Luxfer Gas Cylinders has announced that the Visual Eddy Mark V™ eddy-current inspection device has been tested and found suitable for use with Luxfer aluminum cylinders manufactured both from 6351 alloy and 6061 alloy. This device is manufactured by Visual Eddy Products, Inc.

The Visual Eddy Mark V is the second device approved by Luxfer for use with both alloys. In October 2004, Luxfer approved use of the computer-aided Visual Plus 3™ eddy-current inspection equipment manufactured by Advanced Inspection Technology, Inc. (AIT). To ensure accurate results, both devices must be used in strict accordance with manufacturers’ instructions.

Luxfer will continue to evaluate the performance of Visual Plus 3 and Visual Eddy Mark V under field conditions and issue technical advisories, as needed.

Prior to October 2004, Luxfer policy only permitted use of eddy-current equipment with Luxfer cylinders made from 6351 alloy, and Luxfer did not recommend use of such equipment with Luxfer cylinders made from Luxfer’s proprietary version of 6061 alloy. The reason for this restriction was that earlier types of eddy-current equipment produced an excessive number of “false positive” readings, causing good 6061-alloy cylinders to be erroneously condemned.

Luxfer continues to recommend the use of earlier types of eddy-current equipment—including Visual Plus™, Visual Plus 2™, and Visual Eddy™ —to aid in the inspection of Luxfer 6351-alloy cylinders. However, these earlier devices still should not be used with Luxfer 6061-alloy cylinders. Only Visual Plus 3 and Visual Eddy Mark V should be used with Luxfer 6061-alloy cylinders.

Luxfer emphasizes that eddy-current devices are tools that improve the quality and accuracy of inspections—but use of these devices does not eliminate the need for a thorough visual inspection by a properly trained and qualified inspector.