RIVERSIDE, Calif. 17 May 1999 – The acquisition of Tanks D’Art by Luxfer, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure gas cylinders, was announced today by Riverside–based Dr. Henry Holroyd, Sr. Vice President of Research and Development at Luxfer Gas Cylinders, a Division of the Luxfer Group Limited, headquartered in Manchester, England.

Based in Simi Valley, California, Tanks D’Art, has developed the technology to efficiently screen print cylinders with customized labels and graphics, and has been marketing a diverse range of cosmetically enhanced products for several years.

Luxfer anticipates operating Tanks D’Art as a separate division in Simi Valley. In addition, Ms. Dodie Meister, Manager of Tanks D’Art and Director of Cylinder Graphics for Luxfer, will be heavily involved in Research and Development activities with Kolorfusion International Inc., Luxfer’s partner in Kolorlux, a joint company established to exploit Kolorfusion’s decoration technology. “We are extremely pleased with this acquisition as it provides us with the resources to develop cylinder customization options for the growing demand in several markets”, according to Jim Ament, Sr. Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Founded in 1898, Luxfer is a global company manufacturing more than 3 million high-pressure gas cylinders a year – aluminum and composite – in seven facilities on three continents. With more than 30 million cylinders manufactured to date, Luxfer Gas Cylinders meets the needs of major gas markets, including life support, medical, beverage, specialty industrial gases, and scuba. Luxfer Gas Cylinders’ operations in the United States are headquartered in Riverside with two manufacturing plants in Riverside, another factory in Graham, North Carolina, and the Hydrospin Division in Huntington Beach. Luxfer’s other manufacturing facilities are in Sydney, Australia, and Nottingham and Aldridge in England.

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