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Portable calibration – aluminum type 1 cylinders

Luxfer’s low-pressure reusable cylinders for calibration gases are ideal for the storage and transport of calibration gases.

Luxfer’s low-pressure range is manufactured to higher specification than any other in the industry. This allows our cylinders to be filled to higher pressures than the industry standard—up to 1,305 psi, which means more gas, longer duration in the field and fewer refills. Using a proprietary aluminum alloy and manufacturing process, Luxfer has developed an internal finish that has dramatically improved upon the standard cylinder package. This internal surface results in greater stability and longer shelf life for more challenging gas blends. Reactive gases have inherent stability issues even if a gas mixture has been manufactured and calibrated to a high standard. If the species begins to decay within the cylinder, correct calibration of field equipment may not be possible. Luxfer’s portable calibration cylinder range has demonstrated superb performance with reactive gases, which experience little or no decay. Our low-pressure range is approved to UNISO and can be used in the USA, Canada and Europe.


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