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LCX®-HP – carbon composite type 3 cylinders

Luxfer LCX®-HP (High Pressure) cylinders are the world’s first SCBA cylinders with 5,500-psi operating pressures.

Luxfer LCX®-HP cylinders help reduce the weight of a firefighter’s total personal protective equipment (PPE) and SCBA ensemble and allow more freedom of movement while providing the same high levels of toughness and durability as all Luxfer composite SCBA cylinders. LCX-HP cylinders meet all NFPA, NIOSH and SCBA OEM requirements and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. Features and benefits: 17 to 20 percent reduction in overall cylinder profile. More than 10 percent lighter in weight than standard 4,500-psi SCBA cylinders. Proprietary Super Light liner technology and high-performing carbon fiber. Manufactured in the USA. Notes: All cylinders have a 15-year service life. All cylinders are certified to DOT-SP 15136 and TC SU 10350.


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