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LCX®-EL – carbon composite type 3 cylinders

Luxfer’s LCX®-EL cylinders are based on international design standards and have the potential for service lives of up to 30 years*.

In environments where SCBA use is intermittent, LCX®-EL cylinders provide fire service and industrial users the opportunity to use cylinders longer than the 15 years defined for standard carbon composite cylinders. Though somewhat heavier than Luxfer’s standard LCX cylinders, EL cylinders still provide significant weight savings over comparable steel and aluminum cylinders. Designed and manufactured in compliance with DOT-SP 14232, LCX-EL cylinders have a five-year requalification cycle. * While Luxfer LCX-EL cylinders manufactured under DOT-SP 14232 are designed for service lives as long as 30 years, the special permit explicitly sets forth certain testing and validation requirements that must be met before the service life of any cylinder may be extended beyond 15 years. To date, no cylinder manufactured under DOT-SP 14232 has thus far been approved for a service life longer than 15 years since these cylinders have not yet reached the age at which their service life will be eligible for extension. Please contact Luxfer for further information.


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