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L7X® – aluminum hoop-wrap type 2 cylinders

Our L7X hoop-wrap cylinders are manufactured with inner aluminium liners made from Luxfer’s L7X higher-strength alloy that provides not only superior mechanical characteristics, but also significant weight savings. L7X liners are strengthened along the parallel cylinder sidewall with ultra-high-strength fibre wrapping, resulting in a high-performance cylinder that is compact, light in weight and extremely corrosion-resistant.

When charged to 300 bar, these cylinders provide up to 50 percent more gas capacity than conventional cylinders that can only be charged to lower pressures—which means that fewer cylinders are needed to deliver the same amount of gas. L7X hoop-wrap cylinders are also up to 55 percent lighter in weight than steel cylinders and up to 35 percent lighter than all-aluminium cylinders. Because of the higher strength of L7X alloy, threads last longer and are less susceptible to damage from valving and devolving.


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