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L7X® carbon composite medical cylinders

Luxfer has raised the bar with our L7X 300-bar, ultra-lightweight carbon composite medical cylinders that deliver greater volumes of oxygen in the lightest-weight packages available.

Greater patient autonomy: Because L7X® 300-bar composite medical cylinders hold much more oxygen in lightweight, more portable packages, patients can travel farther and be more active with a single cylinder – a significant lifestyle improvement over less-efficient conventional cylinders filled to only 200 bar. Numerous options are available, including oxygen capacity up to 10 litres

More oxygen capacity, fewer patient visits: 300-bar filling means more usable gas per cylinder, fewer customer refills and fewer patient visits per year – as well as lower logistical costs and improved patient quality of life.

Reduce your logistical costs: Switching to L7X® 300-bar cylinders can add up to significant cost savings. Higher gas capacity reduces both storage requirements and the number of base refills needed each year. You’ll make fewer patient visits, and lighter loads will mean less fuel consumption, less vehicle maintenance and less driver and operator fatigue.  

Unique combination of benefits: Whether you’re a gas supplier or homecare provider looking to lower logistical costs, a healthcare commissioner seeking better service value or a healthcare professional demanding the best for your patients, you’ll find that Luxfer’s high-performance L7X® 300-bar cylinders provide a unique combination of cost-effectiveness, safety and patient benefits.


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