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G-Stor ® Pro Bundle – Gas Transportation

The G-Stor® Pro Bundle range is a high pressure gas storage solution using dependable Luxfer Type 3 cylinders. Our unique cylinder processing reduces weight, increases volume and provides higher pressure storage – giving you more gas in a lightweight, compact package.

Introducing Luxfer Gas Cylinders’ new range of Multiple Cylinder Pallets (MCPs). Using our G-Stor® Pro H2 cylinder technology we have developed a range of modular high pressure gas bundles. Set in a durable, high strength frame Luxfer gas bundles are the ideal solution for transporting gases. Custom panel artwork is an optional extra to promote your brand. Contact our team today to discuss additional extras such as booster control skids and top mount lifting aids.   Available in Europe

G-Stor® Pro Bundle [EU]

Part NumberService Pressure (bar)Cylinder Size (l)Total Water Volume (l)H2 Capacity (kg)Market AvailabilityTotal Bundle Weight, Including H2 (kg)Total Bundle Weight, Excluding H2 (kg)Bundle Dimensions (L x W x H mm)

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