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G-Stor® Go Carbon Composite Type 4 Cylinders

Luxfer’s G-Stor Go® Type 4 composite cylinders for compressed natural gas are available in an extensive range of sizes suitable for medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicle fuel systems.

Available in North America and select markets, Luxfer’s lightweight G-Stor Go® cylinders are built around a patented, purpose-engineered 6061-T6 aluminum alloy boss and polymer-liner interface designed to ensure the highest levels of performance and gas retention.

Luxfer’s Type 4 liners are purposely dimensioned to maximize capacity. The cylinders feature high-strength, all-carbon-fiber and epoxy-matrix overwraps instead of combination carbon-and-fiberglass hybrid overwraps often used in conventional products.

Luxfer’s growing G-Stor Go® product range includes the world’s lightest-weight Type 4 Alternative Fuel cylinders designed to offer the optimal balance between weight and durability. Our G-Stor Go® product offering is the broadest in the NGV industry.

G-Stor® Go

Part numberApprovalsService pressure (bar)Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Weight (kg)Water volume (l)CNG capacity (m³)DGE equivalent (US gallon)GGE equivalent (US gallon)Mount
G2660NGV2-07 248673152487.737611128.231.6Neck
G2280NGV2-07 / ISO 11439 / ECE R110 248552203299.9390.111529.232.8Body
G2286NGV2-07 / ISO 11439 / ECE R110 248564218488.641012130.734.4Neck
G2680NGV2-07 2486732032119.155016241.246.2Neck
G2781NGV2-07 2486852057126.457917143.348.6Neck
G2690NGV2-07 2486732286129.563818847.853.5Neck
G26108NGV2-07 2486732743162.779523559.666.8Neck
G26120NGV2-07 2486733048181.490026567.475.5Neck

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