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Standard DOT 3,000-psi – type 1 cylinders

Luxfer sampling cylinders are the ideal solution for a wide array of sample collection and analysis needs.

Tens of thousands of Luxfer sampling cylinders are currently in use throughout the world in various industries, including petrochemical refineries and well sites, analytic laboratories, alternative fuel technologies, and manufacturing.

Sampling - DOT 3,000psi

Part numberSpecificationService pressure (bar)Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Weight (kg)Volume (CC)MaterialThread sizeIncluded Accessories
HSSC30-1BADOT-3A207761732.3300316L Stainless.500-14 NPT-
HSSC30-2BADOT-3A207762393500316L Stainless.500-14 NPT-
HSSC30-3BADOT-3A207764175.61000316L Stainless.750-14 NPT-
HSSC3K15-3BADOT-3A207382210.6150316L Stainless.250-18 NPT-
HSSC3K15-4BADOT-3A207382210.6150316L Stainless.375-18 NPT-
HSSC3K40-1BADOT-3A2071022605.2900316L Stainless.250-18 NPTThreaded cap & collar
HSSC3K40-2BADOT-3A2071022795.71000316L Stainless.250-18 NPTThreaded cap & collar

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