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Luxfer L7X® cylinders used in rescue of miners in Chile

For 69 days from Aug. 5 until Oct. 14, 2010, the world waited anxiously to learn the fate of 33 copper miners trapped 700 meters (2,300 feet) underground in Copiapó, Chile. When, one by one, the men were finally hoisted slowly to the surface in a specially designed escape capsule, they were breathing oxygen supplied by four Luxfer 1-cubic-meter cylinders donated by Indura Chile, a long-time Luxfer customer.

BOC Healthcare announces worlds lightest-weight oxygen cylinder package featuring Luxfer composite cylinders

NOTTINGHAM, England (4th December 2009)—BOC Healthcare has announced the introduction of its ultra-lightweight l-litre, 300-bar oxygen cylinders that weight just 1.55 kg at full capacity. The new BOC product features Luxfer’s Odyssey-L7X® composite cylinders, which include liners made from Luxfer’s patented L7X aluminium alloy wrapped with aerospace-grade carbon fibre.