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Unauthorized metal-removing modifications to Luxfer aluminum gas cylinders used in North America

Certain unauthorized modifications to Luxfer aluminum cylinders could remove metal or alter the cylinder design to such an extent that the cylinder no longer meets 3AL cylinder design specifications defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), Transport Canada (TC) and the Compressed Gas Association (CGA).1 2

Unauthorized modifications and activities include grinding, cutting, sand-blasting, shot-blasting, media-blasting, sanding, brushing, polishing, engraving, scraping3 and any other activity that removes metal and thins cylinder walls. Additional unauthorized activities include subjecting Luxfer cylinders to various harsh chemicals (e.g., certain cleaners, caustics, acids and other corrosive substances); exposing cylinders to heat processes that could anneal or otherwise adversely affect the aluminum; recutting or resurfacing O-ring glands; and rethreading cylinders.

Luxfer warranty provisions forbid unauthorized modifications to Luxfer cylinders, including any metal-removing modification performed by unauthorized persons or companies. Such modifications will immediately void the warranties on Luxfer cylinders. In addition, such modified cylinders may be unsafe to fill and use.

Luxfer accepts no responsibility or liability for the condition or performance of any cylinder modified by unauthorized persons or companies. Moreover, in accordance with DOT and TC specifications and CGA guidelines, Luxfer requires that the wall thickness of any Luxfer cylinder modified by unauthorized means be checked to ensure that the cylinder still meets the minimum DOT and TC wall-thickness requirements.

Luxfer offers authorized cylinder refurbishing and polishing services through its factories and service centers. Such authorized Luxfer services will not adversely affect Luxfer cylinder warranties.

1 This Luxfer Gas Cylinders Technical Bulletin supersedes all other Luxfer technical bulletins and publications related to this subject and to the cylinder-modifying activities described herein.

2 Refer to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications in Section 178.46-7 of Title 49, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR); to Canadian specifications CTC 3AL and Transport Canada (TC) 3ALM; and to Compressed Gas Association (CGA) publication C-6.1–2002.

3 Scraping to remove labels is allowed as long as the activity does not remove metal.

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