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Policy statement concerning replacement of US scuba cylinders made from 6351 aluminum alloy

In the United States throughout 2003, Luxfer Gas Cylinders conducted a trade-in program for older Luxfer scuba cylinders made from 6351 aluminum alloy from 1972 through June 1988. That trade-in program ended on December 31, 2003. In prior years, Luxfer conducted various other kinds of rebate and replacement programs.

All such replacement and trade-in programs have now ended, with one exception: Certain older Luxfer scuba cylinders sold by U.S. Divers were issued with a lifetime warranty. This lifetime warranty will continue to be honored for the life of each cylinder so warranted. However, since this warranty was non-transferable, it will be necessary for those wishing to make warranty claims to prove that they are original owners of any cylinders in question. There are several ways to prove original ownership, including warranty certificates, cash register receipts, and records maintained by merchants. Luxfer Customer Service will be glad to assist in establishing original ownership by those wishing to make legitimate warranty claims.

All other Luxfer scuba cylinders made from 6351 alloy are now out of warranty and no longer eligible for replacement, rebates or credits. To determine whether a cylinder is made from this alloy, consult the Luxfer website ( or call Luxfer Customer Service at 800-764-0366.

This policy statement is not a recommendation to discontinue use of older Luxfer scuba cylinders made from 6351 alloy, nor is it a product recall. As long as such cylinders are inspected in accordance with Luxfer requirements and can be requalified according to regulations established by the U.S. Department of Transportation, they can continue to be used indefinitely. For information about inspection requirements and other pertinent safety information, please visit the Luxfer website or call Luxfer Customer Service.

This policy statement supersedes all other policy statements and programs concerning Luxfer scuba cylinders. If you have questions about this Luxfer policy, please call Luxfer Customer Service toll-free at 800-764-0366.

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