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  • Luxfer Label Guard cylinders

    Luxfer Label Guard cylinders

    Introduced in 2001, Luxfer’s exclusive Label Guard technology offers the optimum in long-lasting company identification and branding.

Label Guard benefits

The Label Guard system consists of a specially designed, ultra-thin label applied to the cylinder by a proprietary process and protected by an extremely durable, heat-sensitive powder clearcoat that resists impact and abrasion. Label Guard makes cylinders much easier to clean and keeps them looking new longer.

  • Saves money by eliminating frequent re-labeling of cylinders.
  • Eliminates “scrubbing” costs—no need for label scraping, cleaning glue residue or re-applying labels.
  • Improves asset utilization—fewer cylinders sit around empty waiting to be cleaned and re-labeled.
  • Increases throughput at filling facilities.
  • Greatly reduces cylinder loss and product “swapping” among homecare providers—other companies cannot remove a label and replace it with their own or double-label over Label Guard (a regulatory violation).
  • Helps prevent the spread of disease by eliminating pathogens that cling to glue residue.


We supply medical cylinders for a wide range of uses, including hospital, dental, veterinary, home care, first responders, portable, aviation, nautical and industrial.

Healthcare institutions

Luxfer offers a wide range of medical products specifically designed for the institutional market.

Emergency services

Luxfer offers a wide range of lightweight, compact, highly portable products which are suitable for emergency services operating on land, water and air.

Patient therapy

Luxfer offers important advantages for patients, especially those who are ambulatory.

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