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Luxfer L6X performance racing cylinders
Luxfer L6X performance racing cylinders
Racing performance from Luxfer
Racing performance from Luxfer

L6X® composite performance racing cylinder

Luxfer carbon composite cylinders: the lightest-weight racing cylinders available

Luxfer carbon-composite cylinders feature aluminum liners wrapped with super-durable, aerospace-grade carbon composite fiber.

Categories: Performance racing

The lightest-weight, most compact high-pressure cylinders for racing applications, Luxfer carbon composite cylinders weight up to 70 percent less than steel cylinders and 30 percent less than aluminum cylinders. Extremely durable, easy-care materials assure long cylinder life.

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Technical specifications (Metric)


Technical specifications (Imperial)

Part numberService pressureN₂ capacity 68% fillInternal volumeDiameterLengthWeightThread sizeSpecification
A45P221612.55236.620.57.01.125-12UNF-2BDOT-SP 10915


Specifications subject to change.