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Luxfer's Nottingham plant sets new production record by manufacturing one million cylinders in a single year

NOTTINGHAM, England (Dec. 25, 2006)—The production team at the Luxfer Gas Cylinders manufacturing facility in Nottingham set a new production record by making one million cylinders in 2006—and they did it just in time for Christmas.

Luxfer donates scuba tanks in support of underwater archaeology in Florida Keys

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (Dec. 19, 2006)—Sometime between 1740 and 1780, a fierce storm engulfed a two-masted sailing ship in treacherous waters off the Florida Keys. The storm drove the ship into the shallows, where it struck a reef and rapidly sank. About 250 men went down with the vessel, including her crew and a number of British soldiers who were being transported.

Luxfer sponsoring historic Xtreme Everest medical expedition to summit of world's highest mountain

NOTTINGHAM, England (Oct. 10, 2006)—Luxfer Gas Cylinders is sponsoring the next Xtreme Everest medical research expedition, the aim of which is to place a team on the 8,850-metre summit of Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, in March 2007 to take the first-ever measurement of oxygen levels in human blood at high altitude.