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Luxfer position on direct selling of SCBA cylinders to end-users in North America

Luxfer Gas Cylinders occasionally receives inquiries from fire departments and first-responders about the possibility of purchasing cylinders directly from Luxfer for use in self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and life-support equipment. On these occasions, we explain that Luxfer has always maintained a policy of selling Luxfer life-support cylinders only through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of SCBA and related life-support products.

Luxfer-GTM moves to efficient new facility in Port of Catoosa, Okla., significantly increasing manufacturing capabilities

PORT OF CATOOSA, Okla.–Luxfer-GTM Technologies, a joint venture between GTM Technologies and Luxfer Group (NYSE: LXFR), has moved into a new production facility here in a modern, 2,000-acre industrial park. Situated on the Arkansas River near Tulsa, Okla., the Port of Catoosa is the largest inland port in the USA.