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Luxfer introduces medical cylinder TradeUp program to replace cylinder refurbishment business

Luxfers Trade Up program

RIVERSIDE, Calif. (March 28, 2008)—Luxfer Gas Cylinders has introduced a new medical cylinder TradeUp program to replace the company’s cylinder refurbishment business. Luxfer announced on January 8 that it would exit its refurbishment business as part of a comprehensive restructuring of manufacturing operations around the world.

Under the new TradeUp program, Luxfer will replace old aluminum cylinders that need refurbishment and retesting with comparable new Luxfer cylinders. In most cases, costs will be less than those previously charged for refurbishment. Here is a summary of how TradeUp works:

  • Luxfer will make all shipping arrangements for old cylinders being received and new cylinders being sent to customers.
  • Cylinders can be shipped to Luxfer with or without valves, but all cylinders must be empty.
  • Luxfer will remove all functioning valves and reinstall them later on new Luxfer cylinders. With customer approval, non-functioning valves will be replaced with new ones, for which the customer will be billed.
  • Luxfer will apply customer-specified labels to new cylinders and protect them with Luxfer’s proprietary Label Guard clearcoat.
  • Instead of getting back old, refurbished and retested cylinders, customers will receive new Luxfer medical cylinders on a quick-turnaround schedule.

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