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Luxfer Gas Cylinders

Luxfer Gas Cylinders is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-pressure composite and aluminum cylinders. More than 70 million Luxfer cylinders in service around the world have an exemplary record for dependability and safety in a variety of industry applications. An operating company of Luxfer Group (NYSE:LXFR), Luxfer Gas Cylinders is based in Riverside, California and has regional offices and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., England, Canada, China and India.

about luxfer gas cylinders


Alternative fuel

Luxfer alternative fuel cylinders are used globally in a variety of applications including city and school buses, refuse collection, freight transportation, shuttle services and more.

SCBA and life-support

Luxfer has been manufacturing SCBA cylinders for firefighters and first-responders since the early 1970’s, innovating the lightest and safest equipment for those who need it.

Specialty gas

Luxfer is the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum high pressure gas cylinders with industry-leading finishes that deliver unrivalled gas stability.


Luxfer’s reputation as an industry leader in quality and performance has seen us sell over 16 million medical cylinders. We work closely with medical gas suppliers to ensure our products deliver for those who need them most.

Inflation and aerospace

Luxfer’s lightweight carbon composite cylinders can be found across numerous aerospace and inflation applications.


Luxfer is a global provider of SCUBA tanks, with over 1 million Luxfer SCUBA cylinders in use around the world.

Performance racing

Luxfer's cylinders have a proven record for dependability and safety, and we’re trusted across the world to deliver quality every time.


Luxfer's sampling cylinders are the ideal solution for a wide array of sample collection and analysis needs.

Type 3 aluminum liner

Luxfer is trusted worldwide as the premier provider of aluminum cylinder liners.

Our vision

Luxfer is a global highly engineered industrial materials company specializing in the innovation and manufacture of materials and components for transportation, defense and emergency response, healthcare and general industrial applications. At Luxfer Gas Cylinders, we aspire to be the most dynamic cylinder company, providing innovative products in the gas-containment industry.

Our mission

We will help to create a safe, clean and energy-efficient world by reducing the weight of high- performance components used by our customers.

Our values

Customer First, Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, Personal Development, Teamwork